Mrs. Wilson\’s Inspired Classroom

Third Grade Published Work

We have just finished publishing our first stories for this school year!  We have learned that good writer’s write what they know about and care about.  We also learned that good writer’s include lots of sensory detail in their stories.  That means author’s try to include descriptions of what they saw, heard, touched or smelled when they are writing their stories. 

We hope you enjoy reading our stories!

Working Cattle by Colby H.

I   went   to McClain  to  work  for  my  cousin   Robert.  It   smelled liked   rain  when   we  went  to  work.  The sun  was  a  bright  glowing  orange.  We were looking for bulls.  We found  them.    They  was  hiding  in  the  brush.  Well  it  was  hard  to  find  them.  I  had  to  go  down a  mountain  nobody  went  down  before.  We  had  to  ride  out  ever  pasture.    It  took  nearly  all day  but  we  got  it done.  I hope I can do  it again  next  year.


Runaway Horses by Cooper

One cold spring morning on Tongue River ranch, we sorted a bunch of cattle at the wagon.  I could hear horses and cows nickering and bawling.   There was a lot of cowboy with us.   When we moved the horses, one of them got on a electric fence. It made all the horses run off. My horses wanted to go to but I just held him up.


Going Fishing by Neal

It was   a cool summer afternoon in June.   M y   family and I went   fishing at a small lake.  It   was   a great day because we   caught 16 fish.  We had to throw   them   back in because  they were  too   small.


Snakes by Kaleb

I like winter I like fall those snake aren’t out at all.

I hate snakes.  Do you like snakes?  They are scary and disgusting. 

Slimey green  brown as a bean.

Diamond  Back rattle snake,  King Cobra,  Garden Snake,  Grass snake too.   Eeeewwww!

Cotton mouth.   When they are outside get in the house! 

Have you seen a King Cobra?  

They make me freak out!  That’s why I sneak out!

 I bet they don’t even have any friends.

Their head is as flat as a pancake,  but that’s just a risk I have to take if I choose not to hit him with a rake. Seeing him just makes me shake just like a little Rattle Snake.

Garden Snakes are big and little mean.

If a Garden Snake dares to come near me they’ll have a neck as flat as a pancake!



Me and My Grandma

One day me and my grandmother went to pick up rocks.  It had rained two days before that and it was very muddy.  We went outside and stared walking. When suddenly cooper thought he saw a snake. When we got to the lake we stated to pick up rocks again. We found some really neat rocks.


Fixing a Fence by Case

One hot summer afternoon   me  and  my  dad  and   Phil  had to go fix  a  fence  in the   pasture.   When  the  road  got  too bad  we had  to  walked  15  miles.   On  the  way   we  found   post and wire.  It took us 30 minutes   to fix it.


My  Boston Terrier by Ally

My bosten terrier’s  name is tesey .  She is soft and a great dog.  When I bring her in the house, I let her sleep in my bed. She snores all the time and toots. I gave her a bath yesterday.   I play with her when I am bored.   She eats leaves and chews through the fence.  She chases my cats, Fat Louie and Ranger.  She does other funny things like jumps in the water bowl.


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