Mrs. Wilson\’s Inspired Classroom

Second Grade Published Work

We are so excited to share with you our very first published piece of writing for this school year.  We have learned this six weeks that good writer’s write what they know about and what they care about.  We chose to publish these pieces because they were near and dear to our hearts!  We hope you enjoy reading them!

My Lizard by J.J.

I have a lizard named Larry and he lives in my back yard.  He climbes trees and eats bugs. I have caught him one time.  It tickled win he touched me.   Oreo plays with his tale and I play tag with him.  I am glad he lives in my back yard.    


The Water Park by Kadyn

I went to the water park with my family.   My friends were there to and we played together.   It  was   so much fun there  was  a  big  slide and  when  I  got  on it  I  thought  I  was  going  to  fall  off  but  I   didn’t  and  I was  brave  enough  to  get  on  the  slide   again.  


The Country by Kierston

My     big      sister        took      me     to       the    country.       We      roped     cows   and    rode    horses.     My      sister    got      bucked    off   a    horse.    She      hurt    her    arm.


The Apple Orchard by Nicco

I went on a field trip with Mrs. Pikering  to the apple orchard on a cold day.  When we got there it was so wet and muddy that J.J. slipped in the mud and hit a tree. We drank some apple cider and ate the green apples.    We tasted honey and had a picnic lunch. We had a good time at the apple orchard.


My Best Friend J.J.

I  went  to  my  best  friend  JJ’ s   house   on  the  last  day  of  school .  I was excited to be there.               

We mostly played inside.  First we played his video game.  We also played tag.   We  jumped   and  went  under  furniture  and  through  chairs at  each  other .   Oreo   followed us around the whole time.  JJ is the funniest person in the whole wide world.


My Friend Krystal by Emily

I have a friend named Krystal.   she is fun to play with.  I have I known her all my life and she lives in Smyer.  I use to play house with her.  I miss her very much.


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