Mrs. Wilson\’s Inspired Classroom

Fourth Grade Published Stories

We have just finished publishing our first stories for this school year!  We have learned that good writer’s write what they know about and what they care about.  We also learned that good writer’s include lots of sensory detail in their stories.  That means authors try to include descriptions of what they saw, heard, touched or smelled when they are writing their stories.  

Happy Reading!

Showing my Pigs By Abby

One cold winter morning,  I was  in the show barn. I was with my mom, dad, sister and  brother.   They tried to help me get my pigs ready.  I showed two Hamps.    One with a red and white belt and one with black and white belt and two spots. It was a bunch of fun with all those pigs.   I think I did good because I got a second, two fifths and  a sixth.


My Puppy Lace By Averi

I had always wanted a puppy.  I had to sell my first.  I told my mom over and over again, but never got one. Everybody told stories, but not me.  Until one hot, stormy day, my mom told me she found one she liked and got it. It was a girl.   A German Sheppard to be exact. We named her Lace .  She was big for 2 months old but I still liked her. She was very dark but would get lighter as she gets older. I loved her so much, and thought of as family.  She chases the cats, Roxy, Tom and Socks. Revaleigh,  my sister,  is always saying,  “Get the cat!  Save Roxy’!”  Oh well I guess that’s Lace. I love her a lot and always will.


The Football Game By Blayne

On a cool, school day  I went to my brothers  football game. Everyone played great. My brother even tackled the quarterback. But then things went wrong.   Kiwi sprained his wrist. Colt went in for him. Colt caught the ball and then somebody fell on his wrist and broke it three places.  Then finally coach put Bryce in.  At the end of the game the score was six to twenty-eight and we lost.


My Fort By Darron

One weekend  it rained  and I wanted to go outside to play in the rain except  it was lightning.   So I went to play in my fort.   It`s made out of blanket`s, chairs, toy guns  and big pillows. I played in it the whole day.  It has a little door  to get in and out.   It has two big boxes on each side for a big machine gun.  Some days I rather play outside, but when it rains I like to play in my room in my fort .


My Birthday by Jaycee

It was June 18th the day we had my birthday. It was a beach theme. It had a little monkey and streamers hanging from the ceiling. There were a few presents, and a cake with a little beach on it. First I opened presents and I got this little brush that when you push the bottom of it a brush pops out of it. Then I got a pink and black wallet.  We got to eat cake after and the icing was one inch thick!  “Goodness!” my mom said.  I pushed all the icing of the cake and there was a big pile of icing on the side of the plate and I ate it all first then I ate the cake and that didn’t taste good.  Finally we played with a beach ball and a few games. That was my second favorite birthday. My first favorite birthday was when I went roller skating with my 28 friends. But that’s another story.


My Cat Oreo by P.L.

One hot Saturday afternoon in the summer, I was sitting on the sofa watching T.V. because I was bored. My Mom and Dad were with me, then all of the sudden my brother comes in screaming, “Come here hurry”. 

 “What is it?”I asked.

“It’s a cat! “He said. 

So I followed into the dinning room, and then looked out the window.   I saw a black and white cat walking in the yard!  We lived on our ranch in the middle of nowhere so I was wondering how she got out there. We walk outside with a bowl of milk and said “Here Kitty, Kitty” and she walked right up and drank the milk.

 “She looks pretty skinny .” I said. So we fed her some salmon. She looked like she weighed only a few pounds. She almost looked as skinny as a stick.

She was pretty cute and nice. She had black eyes and the top part of her was black, and the bottom part was white. When she walked in and saw the dogs she ran and hid in the corner of the wall, up on the counter, under the cabinets.   After a week or two she got used to the dogs but she would still get scared and swat at them! Pretty soon she became the Queen of the house.  


The Storm by Reagan

One summer at the rodeo finals, at Vernon Texas,  it started raining right as I got done.  There was a bunch of lightning and thunder.  The lightning was very scary.  I went to the stands to find my mom.  We had to run back to the trailer very fast.  When we ran there was a big splash.  The water was almost to my knees.  I was very scared.  My mom tried to call my dad.  He did not answer so  she  called her friend Marcy and asked where Carli, my sister, was.  Marcy said she did not know but she would get in her suburban and go look.  Me and my mom went to dry into dry clothes.  Then the rain was not as bad when we got done changing. So we went outside to find Marcy. When we found her she said she found Carli. So we got in Marcy’s suburban.  We drove around a little bit, then we finally found my dad under a stall. When he got in he said, “I have been under a stall with about twenty people and one horse.  While I was under the stall lightning struck the stall and I almost fell off the fence.”   It finally stopped raining and they started the rodeo again.


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