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Reading Groups

I have a student teacher this semester and while she is teaching my class, I am helping out with 3rd grade reading groups.  My 3rd graders will be using this page as an online reading response journal for our reading groups.


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  1. Itzel mohammad elizabeth said,

    Sam started to remember the old man from the street.
    sam saw plates full with new year cookies but he didnt feel hungry. he felt bad for the man so he gave him his luckey money.

  2. raul taniya kassandra said,

    I learnd that not all animals turn into fossils. I learned that fossils are all over the world. I learnd that the kids in the story found the dinoaur fossil footprint and it was made 115. million years ago. I learnd that not many fosils are found.

  3. Tatiana said,

    I read sam and the luky money i learnd that you have to take care of sombothy els and and a litle bit of you.

  4. bryan, baily, victory said,

    Sam was bieng nice to the sam and the lucky sam didn”t think about himself he gave his money to the man on the sidewalk. on one part of the store sam wus a brait.

  5. stephanie said,

    I read Sam and the luky money . What i learn’d that Sam just tinks about people and him because he gave the money to the man.

  6. mrswilson said,

    You guys did a great job telling me some of the things you learned. You also did a great job of working together!

    This week, we are starting a book on Camouflage. We just finished taking a picture walk to get a few ideas on what we will be learning. Blog about some of the things you expect to learn while reading this book.

  7. table 1 said,

    animals and troops use camofluage to protect thier selfs from enimies. some animals act dead. for to catch food.
    animals act dead so pretedors wont kill them.animals eychange colors by season. chemelias stand by something then blend in.rinasourus dont blind in the enviorment because they ram people.

  8. Table 2 said,

    We learn’d that the snakes pretend that they are dead so there prededers wont eat them. Elephants and Rhynos don’t need camolflash because they are big.

  9. table 3 said,

    that caomflash can help you hide from your inumi.if you play dead the inumi will not eat you.

  10. table 4 said,

    camouflag is a good way to hide.There are many animals that are comoflaged .They trick there predators.

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