Mrs. Wilson\’s Inspired Classroom

Blog Rules

1. Never use your name or another students name in our class blog.  There could be a stranger who reads our blog and we don’t want them to know your name.

2.  When commenting as a group, use your group name.  Anytime you comment as a group, everyone has to agree on the response. 

3.  When commenting as an individual, use your initials.  The kids in our class will know who you are, but strangers will not.

4.  Anytime you comment, make sure to use kind words.  It’s ok to disagree with someone else as long as you do it politely.

5.  Remember, because our blog is on the internet, you can comment from class, from the computer lab, from home, or any other computer that is connected to the internet.  All comments go to Mrs. Wilson first for moderation, so they won’t always show up immediately.


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