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Science Talk

Posted in Science by mrswilson on December 14, 2006

Today we worked in our groups and read material in our science book about plants.  What did you discover?   Click on the Comment button and tell me what things you learned about plants and how they grow.


Subtracting is Easy

Posted in Math by mrswilson on December 13, 2006

We have learned how to subtract and regroup this week.  Discuss with your group what you like about it and what is easy about subtraction with regrouping

What is your Mystery Mixture?

Posted in Science by mrswilson on December 5, 2006

Today you examined a “mystery mixture”.  You used your senses to examine your sample and tested how it acted when it was wet.  What do you think was in your mystery mixture – sand, humus, clay, some of each or some of two?  Submit your answer and don’t forget to justify your decision.