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About Mrs. Wilson

I have been married for 19 years to a terrific man and we have two beautiful daughters.  We  moved to Guthrie, Tx from the Dallas area last summer and we are loving our new life in the country!  You can follow our family blog at

Teaching is my passion.  It’s the thing that makes me tick.  This will be my 13th year in public education.  Not all of it consecutive, as I took time off when our oldest daughter was born. 

I was very fortunate to be working in the Irving school district during thier Balanced Literacy Initiative.  I learned so much about good literacy instruction during that time.  Reading and Writing Workshop were the focus of those trainings.  Learning how to effectively run these workshops in my classroom was a  turning point in my teaching career. 

I was also extremely fortunate to have principals, instructional specialists and district coordinators who provided me with opportunities to lead district training.

Teaching takes up most of my time.  But in the spare moments that I do have , I read.  I have always loved reading and when I know I’m going to be busy at school, I don’t even start a new book because I know it will keep me from doing the things I should.  🙂

I wish I had a green thumb.  I love lush gardens and try to create them,  but all of my attempts have ended in murdered plants.   I also try to quilt, but have many pieced quilt  tops just waiting for me to devote some time to them. 

I believe in sharing what you know, and that’s why I have reinvented this blog.  I hope the content of this blog has an impact on many classrooms other than my own.


Buffy Wilson


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