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Room Arrangement

I changed teaching assignments for the 2010-11 school year, so I thought I would post pictures of my new classroom.  I have to say that it’s as close to my dream classroom as I can get – just needs a stove,  an oven and few more big windows 🙂

2009-2010 Classroom

This is what my classroom looks like 9 weeks into school.  A big difference when you compare it to the beginning of the year pictures at the bottom of the page.  Starting off the year with bare walls is so hard for me, but it allows me to create Anchor Charts with students as I teach my mini-lessons.  Evidence of our learning is now all over the walls.  And my students can refer to these charts as needed  to help them become better writers.

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My K-5 Writing/Science  Classroom

I organized all my books by writing trait and put them in the black
tubs.  The brightly colored trash cans are science storage.  The area
above my markerboard is going to be where I put up quotes about writing
by authors of children’s books.  And the big white blank wall behind
my easel is for anchor charts.

On the big green wall, I decided to do something like the Cafe Menu but for the Writing Traits.  As I teach a strategy for a Trait, I’ll write the name of the strategy on a sentence strip and place it under the appropriate Writing Trait.  I even have cool sticky notes so students can place a sticky next to the strategy they need to focus on.

I have a Promethean Board in my classroom and will be using it to create and display some grade level specific Anchor Charts.  This seemd a good alternative since I have limited wall space and teach Writing for 6 grade levels.

The classroom had no built in storage so we brought in what we could.  At least what we found was in the same color family.  Who knew there were so many shades of beige!

10-002-10 001-10 003-10 004


6 Responses to 'Room Arrangement'

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  1. Loralee said,

    Wow! Your classroom looks terrific!

  2. Jody Taylor said,

    You room looks GREAT!! Hope you have a wonderful school year!

  3. amy said,

    I love your room! What do you put on the papers below the, “Six Traits of Good Writing?”

  4. mrswilson said,

    Thank you! I added the document for the 6 Traits of Good Writing to each grade levels lesson plan page. It is now the very first link before the week 1 lesson plan. You can download it and save it to your computer. Hope it can be useful to you!

  5. amy said,

    I got it! Thank you! Your site has been very helpful. I am a second year teacher. I have shared your site with several teachers!

  6. mrswilson said,

    So glad you and others have found it helpful. That’s why I put it out there! Have a great year!

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