Mrs. Wilson\’s Inspired Classroom

Fifth Grade Published Stories

We have just finished publishing our first stories for this school year!  We have learned that good writer’s write what they know about and what they care about.  We also learned that good writer’s include lots of sensory detail in their stories.  That means authors try to include descriptions of what they saw, heard, touched or smelled when they are writing their stories.  

Happy Reading!

The Wreck by Riggin

One summer day I was helping my dad at the 6666. We were just getting the first calved heifers in. When they got off the truck, they came into the pen, but we forget to shut the squeaking gate behind us. When the cows came off the truck, they all went out of the gate and into the pasture. So all of the cowboys jumped on their horses and went to get the cows.  Me and my dad found two heifers.  So we started pushing them toward the pens. As we were pushing them, they both jumped over the fence.  Dad said, ‘’we will come back tomorrow’’.  So the next day we woke  up, saddled, and headed for the pasture. We parked on a hill and got out.   We got on our horse and  looked  forward, there before our eyes stood both  of the heifers.  Dad jerked down  his twine and we headed to’em.  They started to take off running so we had to ride up.   One of the heifers started to slow down,  so dad rolled up behind her and roped her.  Dad stopped, turned and we headed for the pickup . Dad’s horse was pullin’ just  fine when all at once he jumped up in the air. When the horse blew up it seemed to scare the cow back the other way.  We had ourselves  a horse in the air and a cow running to the end of the rope.  All at once the rope pulled tight and both horse and cow went down.  Dad landed on his feet but the horse went down.  It was  a big wreck from then on.


My Best Friend  by Morgan

My  best   friend  was  a  dog  but  something   happened  that  I couldn’t  save her . She got hit by a car. (So here’s my story).   I got a dog her name was   Dalley  .  She was a cocker   spaniel   . She loved to find her squeaky toy. I  would  hide  it  in the hay  bale that had been  used  and she’d  go find it . Then we would go to make our hide out, which was made out of a tarp. I would go  get my  book  and I would read to her  .Then  she  would  come   snuggle  up  to  me and she listen . One day when I came home from school there was nobody insight.  I called and called, Dalley didn’t come.   I called my Grandmother and she said Dalley had gotten ran over because of my Mom’s dog Hank.   He had gone down to my Grandmother’s and Dalley had followed Hank. When he swerved Dalley did to and the car hit her instead of Hank. The lady who hit Dalley drove to my Grandmother’s and said ‘’I hit your dog I am so sorry.’’  So she called my Dad and said ‘’Brent I am so sorry I hit your dog she is in the road and she still alive.’’  My Dad came home after he picked up Dalley.  He Honde=ked.  I came out and got in the truck and off we went to the vet.  It seems like it was ages but it had only been an hour.  When we got to Lubbock, Dad carried Dalley in and what we heard was not what we wanted to hear.  Dalley could not be saved.  It was so sad.  She was put down and we brought her home in a box.  That day we buried her.  I was so upset I didn’t want to see.  I stayed inside and that was the last time I ever cared so much about a dog.  But there’s a special place in my heart for her always




Snowboarding by Nick

One winter day in Colorado, it was snowing and I was snowboarding.  I hit a jump and did a front flip. Then other snowboarders came.   They wanted to race me to the bottom of the mountain.   I did a monster trick (that’s where you jump off the ground and do a front flip).   Suddenly something flew beside me.   Then something hit me in the back.   At the speed I was going, I lost my balance and went down the mountain!  I leaned forward and a shoulder roll and got back up.  Then I realized what it was that hit me.   It was a snowball.  I slowed down a little bit then they flew past me. I picked up some snow and hit him in the back of the head.  He went rolling down the mountain.   I zipped by them and won the race.


Zac VS Thunder by Sarah

Zac , and thunder do NOT  go good together .

Zachary is terrified of the roaring thunder.

Every time a storm comes in the summer, Zac goes crazy! Zachary climbs into my mom’s lap, and hides, sometimes. Then my dad gets a candle and lights it.  It glows in the night. It was bright, and we could see the glistening shadows dancing on the wall. My dad would put a c.d. in, and we would listen altogether. So we would watch a gleaming dance, and Zac would calm down and go to sleep .

 Good Night Zac!


A Bike Accident by Nicholas

It was a nice summer day in Paducah, Texas. I was out riding my bike with my friend Logan.  When  suddenly I got an idea. I decided to build a ramp and I was going to jump it. So I built a ramp about 4 feet in the air. I was going to jump it of course. After it was built I went back about 5 blocks and looked at it. Then I started to go down the road.   Whoosh into the air I went!   Then I looked up. The sun was in my eyes I had to look down. I didn’t see the curb.   Then boom!  I crashed into the ground. Then I hit a big tree and landed on my arm. I was in great pain.   My mom came out and saw I was in pain and took me to the hospital.  The doctor said that nothing was broken and  I was ok.    And that is why you should never jump a ramp.


Chasing Pigs by Nathan

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you leave a gate open? Here is what might happen if you do.  One day my dad and I wear getting the pigs back in the pen.  It was raining so hard we couldn’t even see so I brought a flashlight.   Rain hit my eyes like machine gun fire, but my dad said,  “tough it up, son, ‘cause were going be out here a while.”   We had two hundred and fifty pigs we had to get too. We got a tractor to get them in.  Finally we succeeded.   We went home and dried off and checked the time.  It was 1 o’clock.       


Me and Wasps by Bailey

I hate wasp. I was outside digging and a wasp stung me on the leg. It felt like someone was pinching me on the leg. I ran inside to put   some stuff on it.  It did not sting at all.


Working by Kylar

This  summer  I  got  to  stay  with  my  uncle.  I got  to  help  at  his store.  It  was  hot  but we  had  to  deal  with  it.  My  job  was  cutting  the  wood.  I  did  not  like  it  but my  uncle  was  a  little  old  so I helped  him.  I  loved  the smell  of  his  bar-b-que.    he  is  in  the  top  fifty  bar-b-que  in  Texas.   He  has  ribs  on  Friday.  Ribs  are  his  special.  I  want  to  go  back  next  summer.    


Deep Sea Fishing by Landon

When we went to the Florida Keys  on vacation. We went deep sea fishing. We wanted to catch Mai Mai.  It’s a slimy green fish.  The fishing Guide told us where the bird are the fish were there to.   We saw four birds!   So we checked there. There were three  Mai mai! We caught all three.  We thought we would be luckier than that but we were wrong.   Half the day passed but then I had something on the line! I pulled it in. I had caught a Yahoo!!! It had razor sharp teeth!


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